Day 19 (The Way of the Kingdom)

Read Luke 15:11-32. The Bible is replete with examples of people who should have known better—who did know better—but committed heinous sin and yet were forgiven. Take David’s murder of Uriah.  He wanted to the cover the tracks of his adultery with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, so David has the poor guy knocked off.  Despicable!  TodayContinue reading “Day 19 (The Way of the Kingdom)”

Day 18 (God’s will for your life)

Wouldn’t it be nice if living the Christian life was as simple as following a road map?  All you’d have to do is follow the directions.  You’d know what turns to make and when to make them.  You’d see exactly where you’ll end up at the final destination.  But life is nothing like this.  It’sContinue reading “Day 18 (God’s will for your life)”

Day 17 (Burdens)

Read Galatians 6:1-10 We fulfill the Law of Christ by bearing one another’s burdens. That’s what Paul tells us in our reading today.  It’s a fairly cut and dry statement.  So what does Paul mean?   Well, first let’s state the obvious: life is filled with all kinds of burdens:  Grief, sickness, mental illness, personality disorders, sociallyContinue reading “Day 17 (Burdens)”

Day 14 (Pray)

Read Colossians 1:3-14. In Colossians 3, Paul is not really talking about prayer, he is actually praying.  And his prayer is perhaps unusual to us.  His prayer consists of words of absolute certainty.  How often do we pray like that?   How often are our prayers nothing but uncertainty?  Uncertainty, born out uncertain circumstances?  But notContinue reading “Day 14 (Pray)”

Day 13 (Limited)

If you read Psalm 131, you’ll notice it’s rather short—really short.  In fact, it’s the shortest. It has only has three verses.  But as one great preacher put it, this Psalm is “one of the shortest to read, but one of the longest to learn.” The Psalm begins with these words, “My heart is notContinue reading “Day 13 (Limited)”

Day 11 (Restore)

Read Amos 7:7-15. The book of Amos begins with a powerful line.  Amos 1:2 says, “The Lord roars from Zion, His voice goes out from Jerusalem [to all the world].”  Amos describes the Lord like a powerful lion.  Lion? We prefer lions behind bars, at a safe distance in the zoo.  No one wants toContinue reading “Day 11 (Restore)”