When men strive together to hit a pregnant woman…

Recently, I posted on my church’s Facebook page about a significant financial gift my congregation was going to be giving to a local pregnancy crisis center. I wanted to celebrate this let the greater community to celebrate with us. Obviously, I stated that St. John was staunchly PRO-LIFE. And… As you might expect, there wereContinue reading “When men strive together to hit a pregnant woman…”

Devotion #22

“Pastor, why do the demons want to enter into a herd of pigs?                  My answer:  Beats me. Poor piggies! “Pastor, why do the pigs run off a cliff?”                  My answer:  Wouldn’t you if a pack of demons suddenly entered you? “Pastor, the pigs died, the farmers lost their income. Why would Jesus allow thisContinue reading “Devotion #22”