ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky prays for Damar Hamlin… prays to God!!!

Maybe 2023 is going to be a brilliant year.  We are only a few days in and an amazing thing has happened: Dan Orlovsky, an announcer on ESPN, prayed to God on a live TV Broadcast.  Yes, you read that correctly. He prayed, “God, we come to you in these moments that we don’t understand,Continue reading “ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky prays for Damar Hamlin… prays to God!!!”

When men strive together to hit a pregnant woman…

Recently, I posted on my church’s Facebook page about a significant financial gift my congregation was going to be giving to a local pregnancy crisis center. I wanted to celebrate this let the greater community to celebrate with us. Obviously, I stated that St. John was staunchly PRO-LIFE. And… As you might expect, there wereContinue reading “When men strive together to hit a pregnant woman…”

Devotion #22

“Pastor, why do the demons want to enter into a herd of pigs?                  My answer:  Beats me. Poor piggies! “Pastor, why do the pigs run off a cliff?”                  My answer:  Wouldn’t you if a pack of demons suddenly entered you? “Pastor, the pigs died, the farmers lost their income. Why would Jesus allow thisContinue reading “Devotion #22”