Day 30 (Ending in Ashes)

We are taught to hide dirt. It begins innocently enough even as children. Haven’t you pushed stuff in the closet or under the bed when guests are coming over? Haven’t you dusted around the vase rather than move it? Have you ever only ironed the front of your shirt because you knew that your coatContinue reading “Day 30 (Ending in Ashes)”

Day 29 (The Emperor’s New Clothes)

In 1837, children’s writer, Han’s Christian Anderson published one of his classic and most famous children’s stories, “The Emperor’s New Clothing.”  It has endured the test of time, and for a fairytale, it still has much to say about the human condition. It’s the story of a vain emperor who loved clothing too much. HeContinue reading “Day 29 (The Emperor’s New Clothes)”

Day 28 ((Just 25₵))

So what does service in the kingdom of God really look like?  If you’re thinking grand gestures you’re mostly on the wrong track.  This past week in my 7th and 8th Grade religion class, I was talking to the kiddos about martyrdom.  I asked them what it would take for any of them to doContinue reading “Day 28 ((Just 25₵))”

Day 27 (Don’t Care)

Read Jonah 2. In 1972, NASA launched the exploratory space probe Pioneer 10.  Its primary mission was to reach Jupiter, photograph the planet and its moons, and then beam data to earth about Jupiter’s magnetic field, radiation belts, and atmosphere.  At the time, no man-made satellite had ever gone past Mars.  But in November, 1973,Continue reading “Day 27 (Don’t Care)”

Day 26 (Sow Seed)

Read Matthew 13:1-8. A silly farmer broadcasts his seed.  At least the farmer seems silly.  After all, who would treat seed this way?  I’ve talked with farmers about their seed—corn, cotton, wheat and soybeans.  A bag of high-quality, roundup-ready Monsanto seed can run you hundreds of dollars.  I’ve also seen how much farmers prepare theContinue reading “Day 26 (Sow Seed)”

Day 25 (Bridge Builders)

In the early years of Christianity and into the medieval period, some Christians thought that life in the “normal” world somehow kept one from having a close relationship with God.  Men and women who wanted to be closer to God would forsake the ordinary world—owning and managing property, marrying, raising children, and the like—to devoteContinue reading “Day 25 (Bridge Builders)”

Day 24 (On the Powerline Pole)

Read Luke 2:8-20. What do you suppose the shepherds did on the first Christmas after they heard the angels and after they went and saw the baby Jesus?  Luke 2:20 tells us, “the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God…”  That is, they went back to their flocks.  The shepherds returned to work.  This may soundContinue reading “Day 24 (On the Powerline Pole)”

Day 23 (Who You Gonna Serve?)

Read Matthew 19:16-30. It takes me at least 1400 words to write a short sermon.  But Jesus could preach a whole sermon by asking just one question.  In our reading today, He preaches a sermon that would take me an hour to unpack, yet all Jesus says is “If you want to be My disciple,Continue reading “Day 23 (Who You Gonna Serve?)”

Day 22 (Jesus’ Purpose)

Read Luke 4:14-30. Christ could have chosen any one of a thousand other Bible passages to define His purpose. But He didn’t.  He chose an obscure passage from Isaiah. We are told He was visiting His hometown, Nazareth and everyone there was wondering what this famous preacher, who had grown up in their midst, wouldContinue reading “Day 22 (Jesus’ Purpose)”

Day 21 (Seeing Differently)

Read Philippians 3:12-21 It’s just a basic fact of reality: The Christian sees things differently.  On the journey of life, the Christian doesn’t obsess over and freak-out because of the bump in the road that causes him to stumble and gives him a bruised knee.  No, rather, the Christian’s eyes are set on something inContinue reading “Day 21 (Seeing Differently)”