What is 30 Days of Prayer and Purpose?

The Christian life is all about purpose. But we forget that. We forget that in Christ we have been made a whole new person. His life, His suffering, His death on a cross and His resurrection from the grave–All. Of. It.–was done for us. We’ll never understand the height or depth of what Jesus accomplished for us… but it IS for us!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to start a new year looking at our lives through this lens? The freedom of starting a new year like a blank page. We don’t have to base our thoughts and feelings on the circumstances of today and what happened yesterday or what someone said about us. As Psalm 3 says, God is the one who “lifts up our heads.” He helps us see a much better picture of life. He fills us with purpose. He inspires us with joy.

Every day for 30 days, I’ll publish devotional material and meditation questions and prayer starters for us to use {together}. As we go through these 30 days I want you to consider what new thing you can do in the new year ahead or what change you can make in your life or change can be made at St. Paul to better let the light of God’s wonderful word shine.

I can’t wait to get started…

Let’s spend 30 days thinking and praying about God’s plan and purpose for us at the start of 2021 . Let’s spend 30 days asking God to give us faith to see ourselves in a whole new way. If we begin on January 18th that will take us all the way to the start of the season of Lent (Ash Wednesday, February 17).


PACKPastor Aaron Christopher Kalbas

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